Hair today, gone tomorrow

January 25, 2012

I think that my hair is succumbing to the effects of the chemo early. Today I brushed out enough hair to make a small dog. My hair is really thick, so it might take a while for me to lose all of it completely. But I’m okay with this. I’ve prepared for it to happen since I first found out I had to do chemo, and my sister and I have had more than a few humorous conversations about it.

Me: I think I could probably drive myself to radiation (it’s in a different city), but I’m not sure about coming back.

My Sister: Are you sure?

Me: Yeah, but I’ll probably pull over and let you drive right outside the city limits. The last thing I need to do is get road rage and ram somebody.

My Sister: (laughing) Yeah, your wig would go flying off. They’d think you threw your dog at them.

Me: Or it would slide down and look like a long beard. They’d say, “Some bald, Amish guy just rammed into me, flipped me off and drove away”



  1. you’re not gonna’ believe this…I just traded paint with that dude from ZZ Top on I-65!

  2. ROFL!!

  3. The really funny thing is, at first I thought you were being serious, and I posted asking you about it, and then right as I hit the comment button I realized what you meant and had to edit. lol I’m a dork.

  4. You could also go whole hog Gloria Swanson and wear a turban.

  5. You guys crack me up 🙂 I love your sense of humor.

  6. Mrs. C, or maybe something in a nice fez. Get that tassle swinging. lol
    TPL, you should see us together, we’re completely nuts. lol

  7. I think you need a tattoo on your head. Something provocative.

  8. Hmmmm…what should it be??? Maybe a phrase, or a symbol??
    I know, what about a pickle holding flowers and chocolates?

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