Lessons from God

January 21, 2012

God and I go way back. I talk to Him and He talks to me, telling me the most amazing things (in a non-schizophrenic sort of way). Our conversations began when I was younger, and doing my daily bible reading. I came across the following verse, “Call to me and I will answer you, and tell you great and mighty things which you do not know.” WOW What a powerful verse, I thought. So I tried it, I called to God, and added a prayer for wisdom along with it. I then decided it would be a good thing to have something to bring to the table, so I got out a notebook and wrote down different subjects that I was interested in learning about (in a spiritual way) and then looked up every verse in the bible pertaining to those subjects (made easy with a teaching bible). This way I figured I would be able to better discern God’s voice, instead of my own thoughts, AND it helped me ask better, more specific questions. And the subjects are varied, anything from human nature to engineering. Sometimes I just take my morning cup of coffee out to the porch and say, “What do you want to teach me today Father?”
Why am I writing about this now, you ask? Well, being sick definitely got me to thinking about “legacies” and what people would remember me for when I pass. I was horrified to think that all I would be remembered for are things like zombies and Halloween decorations. Definitely not a complete picture of who I am. I’m a very spiritual person, but I always viewed it as a personal, private thing. I see now that I was mistaken. Not that I was ever ashamed to talk about God, or what I believed in, I just tended to keep it to myself unless I was asked about it. SO, this is why I’ve decided to write posts about what God has taught me. I was originally going to write about this to my daughters, but decided I would post it publicly for two reasons. To tell what God has taught me, that should be passed on, and if you care to, you’ll get to see another part of me, rather than the controlled version of me here.
From earlier today: “What do you want to teach me today Father?”
Look at the flowers and plants. When they were created, everything was in place. The time of it’s sprouting, the days it would flower, and the time of their passing. They’re attached to the seasons, a bigger picture of that time cycle, and in sync. This was set in motion during creation. Yet, while alike, each flower/plant is unique unto it’s kind. Each are following the path set in place by God. The wheels have been put into motion (God created the heavens and the earth) and then God rested. This was a gift for everyone (God causes the sun to shine upon the good and the bad).
Sometimes, due to various reasons, a plant’s nature can be altered by the environment in which it grows in. Humans are the same way. Alike, yet individuals. Seasons and times in place. We are in sync with the cycle of the seasons, we have our path to follow. But sometimes the environment in which we grow up in confuses our plans and darkens our paths. When this happens, if we call upon God, He will help us get straightened out, to get back on and light up our the paths. When we call on God, it causes a heavenly spotlight, if you will, to shine upon us and God assists us, apart from the blanket good that was set in motion at creation, and is readily available to everyone. Not that that heavenly spotlight isn’t available to everyone, it IS, you only have to ask for it.



  1. You can’t control everything that happens to you, only how you react. Never let one dark cloud cover your entire sky.

    Another nice one DL!

  2. Thank you Mrs. C!
    What you just said I’ve told my kids many times. It helps a person maintain some kind of order in a world that has become very disorderly.

  3. […] WINNER! – Just as her ship was about to come in, the ship’s captain took an arrow to the knee. – DragonLady474 […]

  4. And the fact that, that post linked to this one is proof that God has a sense of humor. *facepalm*

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