Conversations with death

January 20, 2012

I had a conversation with death today, and it kind of went like this…

Many trials and tribulations brought me to where I am today. My body’s scars a witness to former battles. Death, you have circled me time and again, only to be held back by the prayers of those who love me, and the God I serve. And now we meet again, but this time I am well prepared. The armor I wear was made by my Father and the sacrifice that was made for me, and us all. The line drawn in the sand by my sword, a protection again from those who pray for me. I stand before you a child of God, with the spirit of a warrior. You will not win. Though you pace that line and taunt me, know this. When the day comes for me to leave this world, your power will still not claim me, for my body is only a temporary housing for that which is eternal. My warrior spirit will live on. You have no power here.



  1. Beautifully written!

  2. Thank you Mrs. C!

  3. This is wonderful. Amen.

  4. Thank you Kim!

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