Still hanging in there

January 15, 2012

After a rough night I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I’m a bit achy, but I seem to be doing okay in other areas. I think that after going totally overboard with activities on the first day after chemo, I need to just take it a little easy and wait for the effects to ease up some, before doing things like dancing and housework. Water seems to do better than anything in helping me feel better, I’ve been drinking about 8 glasses a day, which equals many trips to the bathroom. I should just put my computer in there, at least that way I might get some posting done. heh
My sister will be coming in March to take me to my daily (6 week) sessions with radiation. Although I’m not really looking forward to the treatments, I do look forward to being around my sister again. We have a way of building up each others spirits, and it should do me a world of good.
In other news, The Walking Dead (mid-season) starts up again in a little less than a month. That definitely should keep me occupied for a while. It will be interesting to see where they take the Darryl and Glen characters. Of course, if they kill them off then it won’t be occupying me at all, because I’ll quit watching. In my opinion they are the only two characters that are interesting. The rest of the characters make up one big soap opera, which I despise. Although the mid-season finale kicked everything up a notch. Hopefully they’ll keep it there and not drag it back down again.



  1. I’ve been following your progress and my prayers are with you.
    One thing I’ve found is; you gain nothing by pushing yourself when the body and mind are weary.
    Best to you and J

  2. I’ve definitely discovered that. I think some definite lounging is in order right now, and then I can dance and do housework when I know it’s not going to push me. And thank you so much for the prayers Jack!

  3. Honey, you have a License to Lounge. Take advantage of it!

  4. Lounging…check! Today I’m feeling awesome and I’ve gotten a lot done.

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