January 11, 2012

I have the weirdest dog in the world. To say that he’s quirky would be like calling Andy Warhol simply “different”. Let’s start with his separation anxiety. Rusty CRAVES human attention, and by craves I mean he usually has his nose stuck so far up my hiney that its earned him the title “my proctologist”. So needless to say, when I want him to go out to go to the bathroom, or, you know, enjoy the outdoors like most animals do, he digs in his heels until I make him. Now this is where it gets really funny. When I let him out, and if I’m sitting in the sunroom, he sits right outside the window and stares at me, attempting to look as pathetic as he can so I’ll let him in again. This, for reasons I don’t understand, irritates me. Finally I’ll yell for him to move along, and he reluctantly moves to the back part of the yard and does his doggie business. Lately, since he knows I’ll be yelling at him to move on, he’s been creative in ways he can stare at me, but lets me know he’s there. I remember walking into the kitchen and telling Mr. Dragon, “Our dog has issues” I went on to explain and then I took him to the sunroom and pointed out Rusty, who had strategically placed himself behind a flower pot, with only his head sticking out…staring at us.
The other day I noticed he was nosing around a hole that apparently another animal had dug. He looked like he was attempting to dig deeper to get to whatever it was. Now this is normal dog behavior. What is NOT normal is today when he positioned himself over the spot to go to bathroom in the hole, and when he missed, he used his nose to roll it down. ??? Does anybody know a good doggie shrink?


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