My Treatment Plan

January 4, 2012

Okay, so the treatment plan is as follows…
3 treatments, every three weeks for a total of 9 weeks of Chemo
And then…
Radiation for 6 weeks (EVERY DAY…God)
And then…
3 treatments, every three weeks for a second round of Chemo
By then it should be somewhere around July.
The good news is that I lost 10 pounds.



  1. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers!

  2. Thank you Dazd!

  3. It looks like an intense treatment.
    I wish you the best and prayers are headed your way real regular.

  4. the good news is you are alive and kicking to annoy your husband and kids

  5. ORPO1, it is a rather rigorous schedule, and thank you for the continued prayers.
    HB, absolutely! LOL

  6. Intensive treatment, especially 6 weeks of daily radiation!

    I had a child who went through chemo, radiation and a BMT. I found that what she needed most was an advocate (me) to walk beside her every step of the way, and people (her family) who constantly looked for ways to make her laugh! I hope you have that kind of support too.

  7. You are absolutely right about me needing support and laughs. Fortunately for me, I have several frustrated comedians in family and friends, myself included. I was explaining this on the phone today and I said “If you’re going through this and you don’t have a sense of humor, you might as well just throw in the towel.” It also reminded me of a quote, “Some things are so serious you have to laugh”

  8. That sounds like a friend’s regimen. Rigorous, but doable. The comment about laughing is SO SPOT ON! I remember laughing my guts out at any opportunity, on line, reading, whatever. I truly believe it made a physical diff. Plus our prayers, of course! Laugh and laugh, dude. Hugs and prayers.

  9. Also, my radiation was 7 weeks every day (except for weekends), so you get one less week! Hurray!

  10. Thankfully I have two of the goofiest kids on the face of the earth, and of course Mr. Dragon with his corny jokes, to keep me laughing. And finally, my wacky sense of humor comes into play and is actually useful for once, instead of making me feel socially awkward. lol

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