Christmas Message 2011

December 25, 2011

This year’s Christmas message was an easy one to write. Maybe being diagnosed with cancer had a little something to do with it. Being sick definitely has a way of putting things into perspective. This year I want to focus on understanding and love. I will do this by addressing people in two categories. The non-believer and the believer.
To the non-believers I say this: God is real. No, I have no physical proof, other than my life, which has been spared many times due to God’s love for me. I do have stories I could tell you, but without a willing spirit, they would just remain stories and not reality. I understand that sometimes it’s hard to give God a chance. A look at the actions of some of those who believe can sometimes be disheartening. But let me just say that the actions of humans, who are prone to error, should not hinder you in a belief in God. One is human, the other is God. God allows us to make our own decisions and sometimes we make the wrong ones, but God is still there encouraging us to love and do the right thing. It’s like a parent who allows a child to decorate a cookie on their own. The result might be messy, but the intention and love is still there. Translation= Life is messy, but God is there to help us.
I also want to say this. If anyone wants to know if God really exists, ask Him and He will reveal Himself. Keep your mind open and look for the answer in small, gentle ways, because God, while being God of the universe, is still a personal God to each of us.
To the believers:
Love one another. Jesus gave two commandments, to love God with our whole heart, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Too often I see Christians attempting to expand their duties into the judgment department. This is the territory of the Holy Spirit. If you don’t agree with someone’s lifestyle, clothes, hair, actions or non-actions. Then rejoice, because that judgment call isn’t up to you. You are to remember that they are humans, prone to error, just as you are. You don’t know the circumstances or pain that may have driven them to where they are, only God knows. Just love them, as God loves us. And when I say “love them”, I mean everyone. Even wickedness cares for those who give it esteem. We are to love everyone. Listen for God’s voice and stop trying to achieve perfection and holding others to that standard. If we were capable of perfection then there would have been no need for Jesus to die on the cross. We are only made complete through God.

Merry Christmas and may God’s love shine down upon you.



  1. A Belated Merry Christmas

  2. And a belated Merry Christmas to you as well!

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