Top Gear on the BBC

December 13, 2011

I hate most television programs. Most of what passes for entertainment is either soft porn in disguise, or the plot is so thin you can hear the wind whistling through it. However there is one program that I adore and that is Top Gear on BBC America (This is not to be confused with Top Gear in America, which is a lame version of the original). Top Gear is a program that has hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, not only driving dream cars (such as the Bugatti, Veyron, my new favorite car), but they compete in the most ridiculous and hilarious stunts I’ve ever seen. Whether it be making their vehicles amphibious and driving/boating across the English Channel, or turning their ordinary cars into campers (in Jeremy’s case, a triple decker one), you will laugh your ever lovin’ butt off. If you don’t get the BBC America, you should do so at once and watch this show! Until then, here is a clip of the challenge where they turn their vehicles into boats to cross the English Channel.

And I just had to post this, as I said above, my new favorite car is the Bugatti Veyron. This one is close to my favorite color. If you’re independently wealthy and feel like doing something nice for Christmas, this would be a great gift for me. 🙂

A very close second would be this Ford GT.



  1. This was our favourite show when we lived in England, and is still at the top of our list now that we are back in Canada. We subscribe to BBC Canada just so we can watch it!
    I think one of the best challenges was when they had to go and buy a car that a 17 year old would drive. I also really like the whole idea of the Stig!

  2. ROFL! Is that the episode where they have to pull into the driveway being really quiet, and Jeremy crashes into some type of outbuilding? LOL I loved that episode!

  3. LOL “…leaving just the geography teacher”

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