Let’s talk zombies…

November 29, 2011

Today I want to discuss zombies; how they’re created, are they fast or slow, will they starve if they don’t feed, and lastly, will they eventually die on their own, if not shot in the head? Feel free to throw your in your own two cents worth, or if you have any questions, I’ll try to answer them.
In the movies, zombies have been created in various ways. Sometimes it’s radiation from a satellite, a virus (naturally occurring and man-made), there’s no more room in hell, a voodoo spell, a secret weapon created by the military and other times they don’t tell us why the dead are walking. In my own books I hint at a virus that an anthropologist unwittingly reactivates in the rain forest. Earlier this year I watched a special about the origins of zombies and was surprised that they were mentioned in the ancient text, Gilgamesh. That just blew my mind. I had always assumed they were a creation of voodoo priests in Haiti. Actually, they also discussed ghoul/zombie legends throughout history. Very interesting.

I know, I know, fast zombies are supposed to be scarier and all that. But I just don’t see anything that’s dead, with limited coordination and brain function, no blood flow and missing parts, moving very fast at all. ‘Nuff said.

No, zombies will not starve because their feeding behavior is not based on the need for sustenance. It’s all instinct. The only other reason for them to feed, that I can think of, is that the warmth of the flesh reminds them of life. All of this brings me to the last category…

Yes, I think they will eventually die on their own depending upon the climate they’re in. If they’re in a warmer climate they will obviously rot faster. In the cold the process would slow down, but it would not stop it. Unless, of course, they’re in the Antarctic or something. But eventually all of the muscles and tissue would rot away and there would be nothing left to hold the bones together, nor would their be any brain tissue left. About the only thing that would stop this is if their skin took on a hard, leathery consistency. And THAT would be one formidable zombie.


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