The Walking Dead, Mid-Season II finale

November 27, 2011

Well, the season started out good, then it crept to almost a standstill, and then it ended with a bang. Or should I say several bangs?
Hopefully the writers will keep up the momentum from the finale and keep the plot moving along without all of the soap opera baggage. Personally, I think Daryl and Glenn are the two best characters of the series, since they seem to be the most level headed and practical duo of the bunch. But I guess we’ll see in February, when the season picks back up.

BTW…I SO called Sophia being a zombie in the barn. 🙂



  1. I didn’t think it was her until you heard the groaning after the gunfire stopped. It was a great – and yet, terrible – ending. I was sick of the never-ending Sophia arc, but felt really sad when she lumbered out.

    And good on Shane for going full psychopath!

    * Oh, and I agree; Daryl and Glenn are the two best people in the show. (Dale is a close third.)

  2. I couldn’t believe I was actually agreeing with Shane on a lot of things he was saying, since I think he is a psychopath and usually can’t stand him. But everything he said and did after the Dale/Shane incident was right on the money. Besides, if he hadn’t went nuts and opened up the barn, they’d still be looking for Sophia.

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