Shane and Grandpa

August 6, 2011

So Mr. Dragon is currently in the kitchen feeding Shane oatmeal and bananas. It’s cute to see the two together, in fact, Shane is Mr. Dragon’s little buddy and he imitates Mr. Dragon any chance he gets. When Mr. Dragon plays the piano, Shane goes up and plays with him. When Mr. Dragon blows his nose, Shane pretends he’s blowing his nose. Almost every night, Mr. Dragon makes him a smoothie, so much so that now when he wants a smoothie he just stands in front of the smoothie machine and makes the noise for it. So cute. Anyway, I was just watching the two of them and was having an AWW moment I thought I’d share.



  1. Hi, I’m Terry Lane we’re making a film called Tennessee Zombie Queen. It’s always nice to meet other women who are into zombie horror. I’m sitting here with your brother Shannon who is very excited about Diary of Sarah McClure and talking you up to me.

  2. Nice to meet you Terry! Good luck with your film, and hopefully Shannon is behaving himself and not telling all of my bad stories. lol

  3. This made me giggle for an extended time.

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