Battle of the Sexes

August 1, 2011

With the heat index in the 100s lately, we’ve been in the pool more often, AND being in the pool a lot means you have to come up with some way to keep entertained, sooooo enter pool dodge ball. Now since it’s hard to tread water, aim and throw, all but one of us uses water tubes to play. Yesterday we had a particularly vicious game of pool dodge ball going, in fact, it was so bad it would have fit into the full-contact category rather nicely. I got hit in the face, the back and groped by the Polaris (pool vacuum). At one point I shot forward to the other team’s side and attempted to grab a ball from Mr. Dragon before he could launch it against us (women vs. men). What ensued was an epic struggle, and at one point Mr. Dragon attempted to let the air out of my tube while I was struggling against him in the deep end. I finally gave up, kicked away his tube and swam like hell for my side, but not before Mr. Dragon attempted a Polaris moment. Of course he bombed me in the back as I swam away. Coward! I think I might have had him, had I not been giggling so hard that I lost the element of surprise…psh.


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