Insert theme to Mission Impossible

July 30, 2011

Last night Mr. Dragon and I were visiting with family when he suddenly announced he was tired and asked if I would take him home. I agreed and told everyone I would be back after dropping him off, which shouldn’t have taken too long since we live only two minutes away.
When we get in the car he turns and looks at me with a serious expression and says, “We have 20 minutes to make it to Milky Moos before they close”-Milky Moos being a new ice cream place in town. So we went and it was fantastic, but then on the way to drop him off I had a horrible thought. “God, that took forever, they’re going to think we were doing something else”…and then… “Maybe I should mess up my hair before I walk in?”



  1. I bow to Mr. Dragon’s brilliance!

  2. Damn it Wyatt, don’t let him hear you say things like that! There will be no living with him. lol

  3. Should have left some of that ice cream on your face.

  4. instead of pretending, you should have had the ice cream and given the man some nookie. Give him a night to remember, so to speak.

  5. Lorac, I think messed up hair would have been better, and less messy. lol
    HB, he has plenty of nights to remember, thank you very much. heh

  6. hahahahahahaha. Definitely go with the messed up hair look 🙂

  7. TPL, the only problem is, how would they be able to tell? lol

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