Good Friday

April 22, 2011

Hello blogging buddies, readers and the occasional straggler! Today is Good Friday, a day that remembers the day that Jesus was crucified, when only days earlier, he had been welcomed into Jerusalem with much fanfare (Palm Sunday). This morning I was reading through the gospels and saw the verse that always gets to me. One that I can’t even get through without crying. The verse takes place as Jesus’ is hanging from the cross. And to explain why it affects me like it does, I have to go into a little detail about what was going on.
You see, when Jesus was upon the cross, he took the sins of the world upon him. All the murders, lies, rapes, adultries etc. So all the things he went through, the 3 scourgings (40 lashes each with a cat-o-nine tails), people mocking and spitting on him, the crown of thorns and being sentenced to death, when he had committed no transgression, was for me, you, even those who did that to him. So, as I said, the verse takes place as Jesus is hanging from the cross, and he feels God spirit depart from him. Because of our sins that he was carrying, God couldn’t look on him like that. And Jesus felt that departure and in his pain cried out, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” And even though it was only temporary and I know the outcome, it gets to me every time. That Jesus felt that departure and separation, so we would never have to. It’s our choice. So whenever I think of Good Friday, this is what it means to me.
BTW…I should mention that Jesus was quoting from the beginning of the 22nd Psalms, which, if you read, gives you a better understanding of how there was hope mixed in with the pain.


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