A miracle!

April 21, 2011

So, no I didn’t fall off of the face of the earth, but there’s a lot of stuff going on that needed my attention. But I had to post to show you this!! A peony finally bloomed in my yard! Coming from the North, I was used to seeing them on a fairly regular basis, but since moving here I’ve missed them. It seems that the sandy/red clay soil doesn’t necessarily agree with them. BUT, I was persistent and prayed my brains out and lo and behold, a day before Good Friday (three years later) this beauty pops out. Now if it can hurry up and produce enough to make a bouquet for my birthday next week. 🙂



  1. Its beautiful! Hope everything is alright over there. We’ve missed you in blog land 🙂

  2. Everything is fine, just waiting to be able to get things in place and then breathe. And I’ve missed you guys too!

  3. That’s a gorgeous flower.

  4. Thank you! And if my dog pees on it I’ll kill him. lol

  5. I thought your sister had taken over the managment of this blog for a while there.

    My Grandma had eight or ten peony bushes of all colors in her backyard. One spring my brother and I had an all out war throwing the hard peony buds at each other. We picked every single bud from every single bush to throw.

    Boy Grandma was pissed.

  6. No, lol, although I’m sure it seemed that way.
    As for the bush war, OMG, I’d have a heart attack. I bet you had a sore back side.

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