My dysfunctional journal entry for the day…

February 1, 2011

WTF? I had to actually think about the date??
In other news… DIE! DIE! DIE you misshapen excuse for a woman! Get your ass over there and fight you p*ssy or I swear you’ll never see tomorrow, because I’ll shoot you myself. Screw it, I’ll get my sword and do myself in rather than go on another trip with you.
As you can see, I’ve been coaching in the Special Olympics of Diablo, and I got stuck hiring their queen.
And still in other news…
I went 183 calories over 2000 today. I’m surprised my fat ass can still sit here and write with a pen. It would have been easier to just stare and oink at my journal. I friggin’ hate powdered donuts…no I don’t…YES I do!



  1. [Poem to the tune “I Get Around”]

    It’s easy, so easy to be wrong
    but to be wrong on purpose, well…
    it makes us narish shmendriks
    and I tell you now I don’t
    like the sound of that, oh no,
    I don’t like the sound of that.
    Just because we’re paranoid’es
    doesn’t mean we don’t have enemies’s
    just because we’re humorless’es
    we are iberblaybn, what’s left’es
    e’en after Cain’s seyfer-hagilgulem’es
    we are, we are the bikher-vinkl’es

    Every thing that is old
    …is new again, so,
    the reason we gev’ald, ge∙vald’ ge∙shrig’∙n
    it is the reason we g’vald
    because we see you shirk
    your shvartser mystique
    as the ground starts to heat

    everything that was old
    is now new —
    its what’s new
    yeah, oooweeeooooo
    they’ll throw their shoe at you
    ge∙vald’ ge∙shrig’∙n !!

  2. I want donuts so bad.

  3. LOL Pat! Is that your diary entry?

    HB, I’ll send you mine, I don’t need them. heh

  4. WAIT HB, you can’t have them either! I guess we’ll have to live vicariously through my grandchild.

  5. I want donuts! 😦

  6. You can’t have them either, because you’re a wench. lol

  7. Did someone say donuts???

  8. I have a love/hate relationship with donuts. They talk to me and I have to eat them to stop the voices. heh

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