My Psychotic, neurotic journal

January 31, 2011

I was at a bookstore and picked up a journal entitled “My Dysfunctions”. It has a place for you to write your dysfunctional/neurotic/paranoid thoughts on the right, and to the left it has a quote about dysfunction, neurosis or paranoia. Imagine my surprise at finding the perfect journal for me! So tonight I picked up my pen that looks like a syringe filled with blood and wrote my first entry, which follows…
Today I woke up late, had trouble putting in my contacts, discovered that the breaker had tripped where my BUNN coffeemaker was plugged in, thus forcing me to wait for the tank of water to heat up, AND my husband loaded the dishwasher in such a way that I had to practically rip the door off to open it. On the bright side of things, I learned about patience and expanded my vocabulary. A win/win situation…yep.



  1. OMG! Where do you get said “psychotic, neurotic journal”? I must have one! That is fantastic 😉

  2. It was at Books a Million, but since they were selling Nooks, I imagine you can get them at Barnes and Noble too.

  3. You’re going to need to punch up the crazy in that journal. I’m waiting for the post where you watched someone eat a bagel and tried desperately to mimic the way they did it. So you end up buying and eating seven bagels and then have to get sick in their bathroom because you’re so full.

    Also, your husband needs to get his act together. It’s not hard to not overload a dishwasher. In fact, it’s harder to overload and jam a dishwasher than it is to not…

  4. Posky, today’s entry might be the one you’re looking for. I’ll have to post it later. lol

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