Better Than Sex Bacon

January 31, 2011

Today my husband and I attended an arts council event for someone who is retiring, but that’s not important. What IS important was the bacon they served…Praline Bacon! In fact, to simply call it bacon does it a grave injustice. It was better than sex. Now I know they have a cake called that, but they’re wrong! I’ve tried it, and while good, it was in no way better than sex. This bacon however does fall into that category, or should I say, the “as good as sex” category. My husband was the first to try it. He casually mentioned that I should taste it, and I was immediately disgusted by the thought of bacon being desecrated in this way. Then I tasted it and that’s when the, bow tied, Chippendale dancers began to tap dance on my tongue and bow chica-mow-mowed my taste buds. The man standing next to us said, “Who would even think to come up with something like this?” After spitting the bow tie out of my mouth, and lighting a cigarette I said, “Probably someone hooked up to a heart machine”…and then “Whoever came up with this is EVIL, and I want the recipe”. Fifteen minutes later I met the evil genius behind the Praline Bacon. She was cleverly disguised as a mild mannered caterer, standing next to her accomplice, who was cleverly disguised as her mother. To make a long story short, she gave me the recipe, her card and is coming to this year’s Halloween party.



  1. Praline Bacon? how fantastic is that?!? That sounds devilish and I love it. 🙂 (11) is addicted to bacon and would probably die. If it’s better than (as good as) sex I’ll have to try this bacon at some point in time in my life 😉

  2. If I can successfully make it I’ll send you the recipe. It was the best bacon ever.

  3. I certainly will, and you might want to purchase an after bacon cigarette. lol

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