A slight rant about smart phone users

January 20, 2011

So who besides me is SO over the smart phone phenomena? Anyone? Although I do own a smart phone, I am NOT one of those people who constantly have to be in physical contact with it, stroke it, play with the gadgets on it, or go on a text a thon. Last night I was attempting to talk to my daughter, and I swear, every five seconds she was doing something on it. And when I mentioned something about it, she laid it down next to her, but for her to keep eye contact with me was next to impossible. Every few seconds I saw her eyes straying down to where her cell phone was. Maybe they need to make a 12 step program for people who are obsessed with their smart phones? I think she may need an intervention. Rant over.



  1. LOL! I’m with you. (12) needs to attend a meeting and if Mr T isn’t committed by the time this whole upgrade process is over, he’ll have to attend a meeting too. You and I can go for drinks 😉

  2. I have coworkers who are checking their iphones while we are on the flight line! Including some of them in my age group. I still use a flip phone with text, pics and voice. It occupies a drawer in the tool box.

  3. TPL, drinks definitely! I’ll have a Harp lager.

    ORP, sometimes I long for the days of my flip phone.

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