If I was President

January 19, 2011

If I was the President of these United States I’d…
…make coffee the Presidential drink
…designate a smoking section in the White House
…prepare a Zombie Apocalypse plan
…invite Iron Maiden and Aerosmith to perform at my inauguration
…take on my sister as an Advisor, make my daughter, Tess, the Secretary of Defense and make my dog, Rusty, the Presidential Proctologist
…make an official PMS Day
…throw out duck season and replace it with hippy season

Is this the face of our future Presidential Proctologist?



  1. Make IRISH coffee the presidential drink. You know, since it’s such a stressful job.

  2. You have my vote!

  3. Wyatt, Irish coffee it is! AND I can swear and fight without spilling a drop. 🙂

    TPL, yay! And Rusty will give you the official thank you later…warning, he has a cold nose. LOL

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