The Farm

December 30, 2010

Yesterday we set out to visit our farm, which we haven’t been to in a while. Right now we have tenants in the farm house, but we’ve given them notice that they need to vacate and a family member is moving in. Also, instead of buying a house, we’re moving Mr. Dragon’s parent’s house onto the property. It’s an old Victorian, that is going to be beautiful when renovated. ANYWAY, we were scoping out possible places to put the house, and seeing as there is a whole 60 acres to choose from, we were out there quite a while. We finally decided on a place back from the large pond, towards the rear of the property. This will require putting a road/driveway back there and the cutting of many trees. It’s about time to thin the woods anyway, so I figure while they’re out there they can cut where we want the house and road. The pond itself is, like I mentioned, rather large, and looked pretty bad for a while, but now it’s all cleared up and beautiful. So, here are a few pictures I took in the area the house will be in, like an idiot, I forgot to take a picture of the pond.



  1. Ooh. So very jealous. You will definitely have to share the renovation process!

  2. Will definitely keep you posted. Right now we have to sell the property the house is sitting on to be able to move and renovate it.

  3. Gorgeous, but make sure it’s fortified. It’s a zombie paradise out there!

  4. I was already thinking about that! What do you think about us building a moat? ROFL

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