On the Road…

December 14, 2010

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road and unable to post, so this will serve as my tomorrow post. So let’s see I’d be in the car, so I guess I should talk about things I’ve seen on my many trips back and forth to Indiana. But first, the weather!
I’m sure we’ll see lots of snow, but hopefully not a blizzard. That’s only happened to us one year and it was an AWFUL experience. We eventually had to pull over and stay at a hotel until the weather cleared. Yeahhhh, hopefully no blizzard. NOW, on to the traveling stuff.
Let’s see before leaving Alabama we see a giant peach/water tower in Clanton. Personally, I think it looks like a giant ass, but that’s just me. However, they do have the greatest peach milkshakes at this one place in town. I usually have Mr. Dragon buy me one when we pass through, but due to the weather I think I’ll skip that this year.
If you travel down the road a bit, you’ll see a rocket at a rest stop, just before crossing the state line. AND THEN lo and behold you can buy lottery tickets and porn! EWWW Not quite as bad (the porn shops) as in Kentucky, but still present. You can tell they cater to truckers, which kind of creeps me out.
A little later and you see a statue of Robert E. Lee on his horse. His horse is reared back, I think this signifies he died in battle…I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.
Drive a little further down and you will pass an establishment that my kids have been attempting to get a picture of (well, the sign) for the last 7 years, and every year they lose track of what they’re doing and miss it…Ladies and Gentlemen, you are approaching the Boobie Bungalow! “NO kids, we are not going to the Boobie Bungalow” I’d show you a picture, but of course we don’t have one. My kids laughed harder at this than they did when they saw their first Badcock Furniture sign… which they DO have a picture of. Which reminds me of another story about when we were in Florida, and for some reason my oldest daughter was dead set on getting a picture of a hooker. Which was kind of amusing since there would be none and then suddenly a group of them would appear along the highway after she had put her camera away. This behavior is disturbing for a mother, especially since said child and her sibling used to play Grand Theft Auto and lure hookers into the alley, thump them and take their money…well…in between giving each other in-game driving lessons. Wait…what was I taking about? OH yeah, the Boobie Bungalow!
After that there’s a sign that Mr. Dragon and I have been trying to get a picture of, and always miss it. The sign is alongside the road, by a field of cows, it reads “Used Cows For Sale”.
And then of course there’s the Corvette museum (near Bowling Green) that looks like a giant mustard container, and the LONG bridge of Louisville (in the area it’s pronounced “louah-ville”…not “lewis-ville” or louie-ville) that takes you into my homeland, Indiana. Home of corn fields, covered bridges, good people, the Indy 500, THE COLTS, and my family 🙂 UPDATE: ALSO the home of my blogger friend Hoosierboy. I hope this makes up for leaving you out HB!



  1. Love it! Have a safe trip 😉

  2. and ME , Indiana is home to ME. How can you forget the main mission in life is to promote ME, help Me, or help someone who is helping ME.

    Drive safe, bad weather in the area.

  3. Thypolarlife, we have arrived safely, thank you for the well wishes.

    HB, I have corrected that. See the update. 🙂

  4. gracis, merci, thanks, grazi, bitte

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