Early Christmas

December 13, 2010

Since I’ll be going home in a few days, we decided to let Shane open up his presents early so I could see him do it. Not only was it early present opening, but it was Mr. Dragon and my anniversary. So we did the present thing, and then had a few of Mr. Dragon’s student’s over for dinner. All in all a pretty nice day.
My oldest daughter, Jessica and I.

Jessica and Shane

Shane with his stuffed reindeer.

Shane admiring the presents before opening them.

Shane tearing into one of his presents.

Rusty wondering what the hell is going on in the other room.



  1. That hat is awesome! You have a lovely family, DL. Happy anniversary!

  2. Thank you Wyatt! (I loved his hat too)

  3. Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful family. That little guy is just adorable 🙂 Let’s not forget the pooch. That’s one good-looking K9. I’ll have to share pictures of my zoo soon. Maybe after the holidays.

  4. I’d show you pictures of what Rusty looked like when he found us, but they’re heartbreaking. Imbedded collar, bones showing and his tail broken in three places. Due to scars on his face, we think he was used as a bait dog. His tail eventually died and had to be removed.

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