Morning Everyone…I think

December 11, 2010

While yesterday I got up singing Christmas carols, today I got up singing Judas Priest songs. I’ve been on some kind of musical kick lately. Maybe my musical “thing” has to do with me starting to dream stuff again. I used to have dreams almost every night and then one day they just stopped. I know I’ve been dreaming again, but I can’t remember what I’ve been dreaming about, with the exception of one that I remembered the other day. I was on stage with the band Styx, singing the song Miss America. And today I’m humming the Judas Priest song “Blood Red Skies”. What does it mean? Has my brain made it’s own music file and now has it on shuffle or what? Get the big butterfly net ready…geez.
BTW…thanks again to reader Michelle for the cartoon, in fact, all of the cartoons have been been emailed to me by her.

I thought maybe I could get the song out of my head if I listened to it…and I’m taking you with me! Definitely not your typical Judas Priest song, starts slow but then gets very danceable.


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