New Boots!

December 10, 2010

Few things excite me in life like new boots. I love new boots! Here I am sporting my latest pair. A stunning pair of distressed, gussied up military boots that I wore with my dress. Please disregard my slouching in the photograph, I’m trying to break myself of this habit, also disregard my oily face, , large head, flat hair and my glowing chest..I had no idea why it’s so red.

AND I forgot to resize the picture, please disregard that. ::sigh:: (FIXED!)



  1. Love the boots! I’m on a mission to buy myself a pair this winter. The kids Xmas comes first though so it’ll have to wait until after the holidays.

  2. I’m a bonafide boot fanatic. I have like a zillion pairs, but each one is unique in their own certain way. They’re like my babies.

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