December News

December 10, 2010

Well it’s only 5 more days until I go home and I’m excited!! I still have to make “the master list” of what I’m packing, and then, you know, actually pack. ::spins around in computer chair:::
In other news, last night I baked and decorated some sugar cookies, as well as made chocolate chip cookies for Habitat for Humanity’s bake sale. I have to drop them off today before work. They look good, but I can’t eat any of them. ::sniff::
And speaking of work, I have discovered that my position, filling in for the Executive Director’s Assistant is only as a volunteer. ::sigh:: I guess when he told my husband he needed help, and my husband offered me up, he neglected to tell my husband that part. Oh well, it makes for good contacts etc. etc. In light of this, I made my hours later and not so early in the morning.
Lastly, it is FREEZING here! WTH?? I thought I lived in Alabama?? In fact, the only advantage to living here is the freakin’ weather! The other morning when I got up it was only 19 degrees! I’m sure all of the birds outside where thinking , or rather, thought this as they were being frozen solid to the branch “Ain’t this some shit?!” Oh well, at least I’ll be nice and prepared for the frigid temperatures back home. Home! I’m going home! ::spins in computer chair::
*picture of the tree was provided by my reader Michelle*


  1. Yummy cookies! Sorry the new position isn’t quite what you were expecting. Looking on the brightside though, it does make for great contacts and references.

    We had freeze warnings here in Vegas not too long ago so I know how you feel. WTH? I’m use to cold this time of the year but that’s a bit much.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Happy Friday to you too!
    Today it got up into the mid 50s so that was nice. And there’s talk it’s supposed to be in the 60s tomorrow! After that though another cold front is supposed to move in. Heh…I sound like a weather person. All I need is a blue screen and a better grasp on geography.

  3. Hahahahaha I love the comic. Awesome.

  4. Yeah, it cracked me up too.

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