Getting Ready

December 1, 2010

So here it is, December 1st and I’m all excited because I’ll be going home for about a week and a half, around the middle of the month. I’m dragging out all of my warm stuff in preparation, actually I’m kind of getting into shape for the cold weather before I go because after the storm came through it was followed by a cold front. Anyway, soon I’ll be attempting to figure out what to pack, which should be fun. I always take more clothes than I need, and this time should be no different. I know when we went to Chicago for the Iron Maiden concert, a 2 day trip, I took a whole suitcase full of stuff. Hey, you never know about the weather, or what mood you’ll be in, so it’s better to take a little bit of everything. SO, if I took a whole suitcase full for a 2 day trip, you can imagine what it’s going to be like for one that’s going to last a week and a half. Since there is a washer and dryer where I’ll be staying I figure I can get by with packing 5 pairs of jeans, about 8 shirts, 2 dresses, a couple of belts, 2 pairs of jammies, my exercise clothes, a jacket besides my winter coat, my gloves, a scarf, 3 sweaters (various colors), hosiery, socks and underwear, my tennis shoes, my dress shoes, my boots and my normal shoes. PLUS my makeup bag, my straightening iron, my toiletries, my laptop, camera and my CDs. I’m probably forgetting something…
UPDATE: Oh yeah…my robe and slippers and fuzzy socks.



  1. You can’t forget the fuzzy socks! I take them everywhere I go. I always over pack. The smartest of people always do, ya know? Lol

  2. That’s right, AND because we do over-pack, we’ll always be prepared…for anything. 🙂

  3. The HIGH temp in this part of the world is expected to be in the mid-thirties for the next week or so.

  4. Eek, it looks like I’ll be wearing one of those sweaters under my winter coat. Our local newspaper site says it’s 52 degrees right now, but the wind makes it seem colder.

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