Zombie Apocalypse-The Plan 5

November 30, 2010

I’m going to mix things up a bit and say that we are all on the same team. After reading the scenario carefully, discuss your points of view and whatever is agreed upon will determine what your next scenario is.
Scenario 5
After spending the night in the sporting goods store, you make it back to the house and decide it would be better to set up base in a location that can be better secured. Places discussed are the Court House with the attached jail (three stories), the vacant, former
National Guard Armory (one story), and a large Greek Revival mansion next to a church (also three stories). The Court House, while having several large floor to ceiling windows in the front, seems to be fairly secure due to the fact that the foundation is quite tall and there are no way for the zombies to get through the windows. There are two entrances/exits. One in front and one in back (this is attached to the jail). The vacant Armory has a loading dock in the back, and three entrances besides, two on the sides and one in front. All the windows have bars except the front. The Mansion has four floor to ceiling windows on the large front porch and two entrances/exits, the front door and one in back, which leads to a large yard area (privacy fence) with a pond, and guest quarters in the carriage house. The fence has a double gate (locked) that opens to the church side. The house sits upon a tall foundation, so other than the large windows in front, the house is inaccessible to zombies, except for the front and back door. What will you do? Choose carefully.

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  2. I vote for the courthouse. Three stories, so we can get a great view of the surrounding areas. Zombies can’t get in through the windows, and the cells came come of good use. Similarly, since there is a jail, there will be water and toilets available.

  3. I’m leaning towards that and the mansion. The advantage of the court house would be security and they would have cameras (providing we have electricity) where we could monitor the entrances. However, with no place to grow food, this would mean we would have to scavenge for it.
    The mansion on the other hand also has three stories, and a place to grow food, but it also has four large windows in the front, that I suppose we could board up OR destroy the floorboards on the porch and make them inaccessible.
    Lastly, there might be more zombies inside the court house, as opposed to the mansion.

  4. I vote with the armory, we inhabit and set up a lab, where we test some captured [and gagged] Zom’s … testing for A.D.D using some Methylphenidate hydrochloride (Ritalin).

    There are so many puzzling characteristics of the Zom’s, that a better working knowledge of them could help our cause a lot.

    Let’s say the armory being one floor , Ranch layout, with lots of land around for testing grounds, makes it easy to see our enemies, it can be partitioned into several lairs. We could explore the social behaviours of them in one area of the place. In another space we can do our dissecting, and determine if there are environmental adaptations taking place … even though these are walking dead.

    Do the walking dead adhere to Darwinism theories, or do they function as a single organism … ? You know I have lots of questions about them … are they animal, vegetable or mineral…. ? … you probably have questions too.

    We can slaughter them all day long, but what is the mystery that hopefully abolishes this nightmare for ever? If we can give them Ritalin, and get them to sit down in classrooms, maybe we can re-educate them … or no?

    Armory, with Ritalin, for a week.

  5. I just want to kill them before they kill me. If there was a way to reverse it, that would be nice, but none of us are scientists.

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