November 22, 2010

I did something really stupid yesterday. I had a nice fire going out back and I thought while I had one going I would burn all the extra limbs and wood lying around the yard. Later I realized that one of the things I had been burning was poison ivy that had been growing on our tree (which my husband had cut down, but not cleared away). I immediately remembered someone telling me that someone could catch it from a fire made from it, if the smoke got on them. Now, I used to play in hedges covered with the stuff when I was a kid, and never caught it, so I feel I’m pretty safe. BUT that didn’t stop the phantom itching from taking place. No red marks, no blisters or rash, I’m just itching like a mofo just thinking about it. lol So there it is, my big DUH moment for the Thanksgiving Holidays. Of course this could be updated at any moment, the holiday isn’t over yet.



  1. yep yu can get it from smoke. One of the few times I got a bad case was when some idiots were burning it at a Boy Scout camping trip.

  2. A few days ago, I was that idiot. lol Fortunately, the itching remained phantom itching, maybe I’m still not allergic to it. Thank God.

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