Zombie Apocalypse-The Plan 3

November 18, 2010

You and your team find yourselves outside of the sporting goods store. Since the tank to the Chevy was empty, you’ve arrived on foot. You’re located near the front, watching as zombies shuffle by the front door (4 of them). Through the barred, plate glass window, you can see several more shuffling around inside. Bars cover the window on the door as well. You look across the street to the grocery store. A large window has been broken and zombies wander in and out, although it doesn’t look particularly crowded. You decide to move around to the back of the sporting goods store and see a back door in a small fenced off area (20×30). The door is solid, no windows. What are your next 5 steps? Continued from The Plan 1 and The Plan 2.



  1. 1) Knock on the door. If they are in there, they will make noise.

    2) Pending the noise, move in slowly armed and ready.

    3) Make your way towards the front of the store in a group formation, kill anything you cross.

    4) Work on a front barricade if possible, if not attempt to work you way to higher ground.

    5) Resupply. New weapons. Food (even though it is junk food) should be plentiful, as well as supplements and energy boosters in order to continue the jounrey.

  2. 1. Dispatch the zombies (as quietly as possible) near the front door and check to see if it’s locked. If it’s locked we’ll head for the back door and enter that way. If it’s unlocked we’ll gain entry there, lock the door behind us and take care of the zombies inside.
    2. Locate backpacks (it is a sporting goods store) and take as many weapons and ammo as we can safely carry, as well as several knives, a few bottles of water and whatever food we can get our hands on. Also, picking up a pair of binoculars, flashlights, batteries and a compass.
    3. With bars on the windows and a fence out back, make plans to bed down for the night in a back office or storage room.
    4. That night, assign watches and make plans for where to go, and a possible location for a permanent base.
    5. Discuss any special knowledge individuals have, or talents that might prove useful.

  3. How can I participate any further? lol My team and I ended up at Walmart where we decided to stay.

    • YOu must have forgotten the pre-game speech to your troops… just sayin’ ..

  4. Bah, just deal with the scenario in front of you for right now, pretend you made this choice.

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  6. Go to gamestop and snag Call of Duty Black Ops.

  7. J, if you had said Diablo III then we’d be talking!

  8. 1. Click our wrists together and hope the Power Rangers respond
    2. Then we start yelling out Zombie Haiku [that each of us prepared beforehand] in hopes to put all the Z’s to sleep.
    3. Look at our feet, then at the door, then back to our feet, trying to think of something to do, or , …
    4. The girls with us see the “US Nails” shop next door and head there … saying “free mani\pedi’s YAY” ..
    5. The guys follow the girls.

  9. ::facepalm:: lol

    • This late Breaking InfoMercial Release:

      “Nine out of Ten Doctors Say — Progesterone shots followed with miracle thigh cream applications makes any Zombie as docile as a dachshund in heat….!”

      • More late findings:

        “… Piccolo music has an affect on Zombies, making them reactive– that is, … to form up in lines and follow the Piccolo music wherever it goes. This is being touted the Saint Paddy Day Raid …”

        Other research is being done by the “Men who stare at Goats” in hopes of exploding Zombie brains by staring at them.

        Also, rubbing under arm deodorant on a Zombie bite takes the sting out. Best to use the talcum types, and AXE sucks the venoms out very well. Though not a cure, Tests show sweaty subjects have more chance of not succumbing to Zombroidalism after being bit. More on this later.

        We at MooPig Enterprises will keep the Zombie Killing Team members up to date on all developments in area of research and weapon development.

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