Zombie Apocalypse-The Plan 2

November 16, 2010

Now that we’ve got our zombie killing team AND have secured a place to stay, we find we are in need of supplies. Before leaving the house, the owner had scavenged most of the food and emergency supplies. There is a WalMart about 2 miles to the East, which involves going up and down a large hill, and some winding roads OR a trek through the woods would shorten the distance but there is no marked trail and it could be treacherous (snakes, falls etc). To the West about 4 miles away is a sporting goods store, but it’s in the middle of town, however there is a grocery store across the street. For transportation, you found the keys to an old Chevy out back, that’s just outside of the fence. However there are more zombies now, about 60 total, some of them up where the car is. What is your next 5 steps?



  1. 1. Use the homemade bombs that are left to create a diversion.
    2. One team member secures the truck.
    3. Two team members to Wal-Mart
    4. Two team members to the sporting goods/grocery store
    5. Establish a central meeting point both teams and the truck meet there after the scavenger run. Some people might question the decision to split the teams in two, however it is based on the fact that it is easier to move a team of two through the woods/shadows than a larger team of five.

  2. 1. Leave two people behind to keep the house secured and while three go for supplies.
    2. We send one of the team members, that is staying behind, to walk along the inside of the back fence (making no noise) to get the zombies to follow him away from the Chevy.
    3. We take side streets to get as close as we can, when the roadway is blocked or it looks like too many zombies ahead, we ditch the car (to come back to later) and head out on foot.
    4. We move yard to yard, avoiding the street, and crossing only when we absolutely have to.
    5. As we move, we look for anything that can be scavenged or used, especially as a weapon.

  3. 1) I leave whatever house I am in now. If the zombies are around and it needs to be defended… it’s not in a good location.

    2) I stay far away from walmart, which is technically one of the worst places you can find yourself during a zombie outbreak. Well any large store is pretty much suicide so you really need to avoid all of the destinations listed.

    2) Head for higher ground. Any mountainous terrain would be great. But just somewhere that we can have a large view.

    3) Find some defensable location. Something preferably with some sort of natural obstacle to help defend it.

    4) Once a suitable base is found, I then work on renewable resources. Seeds, irrigation, even connecting stationary bikes for some sort of electricity.

    5) Once we have a secrure oasis in this horrific zombie world, we find more people to join the society.

    I would also say to stay away from any motor vehicles as they make too much noise and wherever you run out of fuel you will have a trail of zombies following you from your entire trip. Bicycles are silent and much safer to use. They also promote exercise which will be important in escaping future bad situations.

  4. I think you’re right about WalMart, too many people probably rushed in and were turned into zombies. Definitely not a place to tackle without ammunition and some experience in zombie fighting. It would be better to hit the sporting goods place first, get fire power and then attempt the grocery across the street.

  5. 1. Forget the truck, too risky. But keep it in mind if we need fuel later, and we can salvage it for parts if and when the zombies disperse.
    2. Go over the route to the sporting goods store, plus any fall back positions or meeting places in case of attack or members getting separated.
    3. Make the sporting goods store a priority. There should be weapons there – bats, etc – and some stores stock up on Gatorade and Power Bars. Like Wal-Mart, the sporting goods store is not a good defensible site, but it may cover our food and weapons needs in one visit.
    4. Gather as many supplies as possible and abandon the existing house. I know this sounds like suicide, but as ZS mentioned, it’s already Zombiapalooza there. No sense going back.
    5. Once at the sporting goods store, stock up on what we need and keep an eye out for a defensible position. (Smaller store, house in the area, etc.)

  6. I forgot to mention the liquor store next to the sporting goods store. lol
    I’m basing this on my house and town.

    • and in my town that would be a Drive-Thru Liquor Store

      • I don’t think the zombies would cooperate. lol

  7. Oh, well liquor – we gotta have liquor. Um, for Molotov cocktails. Yeah, that’s it.

  8. Yeah! Does lager light up? LOL

  9. Not to mention we’ll need alcohol for medicinal purposes. 🙂

    So on with my plan:
    1. All of the mentioned places are out of the question because they are likely over run with
    zombies. Instead we decide that a group of three will be hitting up neighboring houses to
    scavenge what we can, we’ll need the car for this so #1 priority is getting to the car. We’ll fashion homemade spears from broom or shovel handles and we’ll walk the fence away from the car as a lure. As the deadheads walk up we spear them in their brain. This may take a while! After we have sufficiently cleared the zombies away from the car a team of two will go out to make sure the key works, the battery isn’t dead, and see how much gas it has in it’s tank.
    2. Make a list of all the desired supplies and
    what to look for. 3 people will go, 2 will be
    scavengers and the third will be the driver. If the
    car doesn’t have much gas they will have to go
    on foot. We’ll arm them with homemade
    weapons, and possibly molatov cocktails.
    3. Next we’ll set up some containers to catch rain water for bathing and drinking. We won’t want to be caught off guard when the water stops working.
    4. Try to find a generator, or make one with car batteries that we’ll have to scavenge. Possibly make a windmill for power, one that we can secure to the roof.
    5. Build some type of greenhouse using materials from the house or scavenged. Then we can grow things like tomatoes, strawberries, etc…and try to prepare for when the food runs

    • Mrs Goldbloom… what you have just described is a day in the life of your average Houstonian .. nice job.

  10. Also, a trip to a farm to get some chickens or some kind of food to raise would be good. This house (in the scenario) has a fenced in acre, with 6 foot chainlink.

  11. I think that it would be imperative to hit a sporting good store or gun store, despite the chance it could have a lot of zombies milling around. No guns = getting killed by zombies. Walmart would be way too risky, so a smaller shop, or even a pawn shop would do. PLUS, there’s also things besides the zombies to worry about, such as bad people who most likely have guns, another good reason to go for those types of stores.

  12. Well hopefully we’d be able to find some weapons doing the scavenging, especially if we hit farm houses. We’d probably have to find some gas for the car too.

    Just give me a rifle with a scope, some ammo, a perch on the roof and I’m ready to go. 🙂

  13. Add to that coffee and a cigarette and I’m with ya. lol

  14. Well that goes without saying! 🙂

  15. I have a campfire percolator all set for when the electricity goes. I bought it in case the electricity goes out during a hurricane.

  16. 1. I go out, or send my best zombie killer to quietly kill and drag back five zombie bodies, hopefully with heads still on and limbs attached.
    2. We hollow out the craniums, and remove the innards leaving just the skins of the deceased zombies.
    3. We put on the skins and practice Zombie moves, like how they walk, and how they act… and as a team we decide who is the best at tracking, who is best at information gathering, who is the cheer leader, who can hot wire a car, census taker, best sniper, best decider, who has survival skills, … and so on.
    4. We form a society much like the Chilean Miners who were buried alive, and while wearing our camouflage, we role play our tasks that we have decided each is to do. We decide on a code that suits our play… like colors, or bands’ names. We do some experiments, and run some tests… purify the water, and have group sex. Any other preparatory, or procreatory exercise we can think of, because this is the bonding time.
    5. We initiate Operation “Zombie Waltz” and go out in the day time in two teams of two and three. Team one consisting of three Zombie Clad survivors goes east to Wal-Mart mostly to gather food and fuel… team of two, heads east with use of the Chevy to go to gather weapons at Sports Equipment. We return carefully to the house, and we then move on to our operation’s second phase :: “Junk in our Trunk.”

    That’s my report from the middle, where the women are strong, men are good looking, and all the children are above average.

  17. “That’s my report from the middle, where the women are strong, men are good looking, and all the children are above average.”

    Another Prairie Home Companion fan? lol


    • I’m surprised that very few out there get that allusion. Yes, mam, died in the wool fan. PD.

  18. Good God, Pats group will not be bored! LoL

    • oh yes, almost forgot to mention Zombie Haiku … part of the strengthen processes…

      • I don’t even want to know… heh

  19. That reminds me, we should pick up a video camera too. LOL

  20. 1. Myself and three other team members will go on foot to Walmart, checking several houses on the way for any food/weapons/etc left behind.
    2. One team member follows behind in the Chevy and will give one quick, short toot on the horn in anything heads our way.
    3. Once myself and the other members reach the end of the road, the person in the Chevy will pick us up and we’ll proceed to Walmart. Four of us will go in, we’ll block off the main entrances to Walmart and begin clearing out all of the zombies inside.
    4. The Chevy driver will park around back of Walmart, near the oil changing station, block off that door with his vehicle, run in through one of the big doors they pull the cars in through, and quickly figure out how to shut those doors, then kill off all the zombies in that area. Once that area is secure, that member will slowly and quietly begin making their way around Walmart, killing off zombies until we meet somewhere in the middle.
    5. Once we all meet up, we figure out a way to get rid of all the dead bodies and completely cut off access to all doors leading inside/outside of Walmart. When all is said and done, we hold up in Walmart until this whole thing blows over. Why? Because at Walmart, you have food, weapons, and other necessary items of survival. Plus it’s big enough for everyone to spread out so we don’t get sick of each other too quickly.

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