Zombie Apocalypse- The Plan

November 15, 2010

Okay, now that we’ve covered putting together our Zombie Killing Dream Team , we need to come up with a plan on what to do next. Suppose you and your team (five counting you) have successfully made it into a building without being bitten or attacked. You’re in a two story house on a hill. There are 6 windows up front, two of them are from floor to ceiling. The backyard is an acre and completely fenced by 6 foot chainlink. For now the electricity is still on, but no on knows for how long. There are about 20 zombies milling around out front, and nearly the same at various places along the fence in the back. Two of you have guns, but you’re out of bullets, the other three have a hammer, an axe and a crowbar. What are you going to do? Give me your next 5 steps.



  1. Well one could easily survive by just taking a few steps. A stilted home (like the ones in most beach areas) are ideal for zombie survival. But anywhere that you can either demolish or pull stairs up will be a forever safe haven against a zombie apocalypse. As zombies do not have the ability to jump you will be perfectly safe.

    I suggest somewhere above the snowline as once it snows the zombies will freeze and you will be able to forage for materials and maybe even find a new safe house for the next year.

    One could out live the entire apocalypse and die a normal death only due to getting old as long as they took the time to prepare. I suggest you do a bit of research on zombie survival as most people have the ability, but not the brains to actually survive.

    And the zombies would only last so long before rotting so chances are they are all gone long before you die of old age.

  2. 1. Search the house for ammunition.
    2. Find anything to use to board up as many of the downstairs windows as possible.
    3. Tour the house and get familiar with the layout in case the power goes out [really studying every nook and cranny].
    4. Move all the heavy furniture [ex: Couch, dining table, etc] to block doors and reinforce boarded up windows.
    5. Head upstairs, turn off all the lights [so as not to attract more zombies], and try picking off the closest ones from upstairs windows.

  3. 1) Secure the front windows
    2) Kill Zombies
    3) Kill Zombies
    4) Kill Zombies
    5) Kill Zombies

  4. Personally, this is what I’d do…
    1. Board up the bottom front level as quickly as possible.
    2. Look for weapons, real or something that can be used as a weapon.
    3. Find as many containers as I can and fill them with water before the tap water goes to hell.
    4. Find as many thermoses and carafes as I can and fill them with hot coffee (hey, I’m being honest!)
    5. Find candles, matches and flashlights.

  5. 1. Bar the windows and doors as best as possible. Cover the windows to keep the light in.
    2. Search the house for ammunition and available weapons. Anything that can be used from a distance is preferrable to me – lamp posts, rakes, broom handles, etc.
    3. Search the house for food and water, and like you said, take water where you can find it. Toilet, bath, sink, water heater, to boil later.
    4. Get sightlines of every angle around the house in case of incursion. Inspect the fence (from afar) for holes and other weak spots.
    5. Find the power source (circuit breaker, power lines) and secure them – especially if there is a breaker on the outside of the house.

  6. My point? Immediate security is first. Continued security (and food) is second.

  7. Yep, security first, then the coffee and the cigarettes. lol

  8. After this scenario runs its course, I think I’m going to have to come up with a real challenging scenario. hmmmm

  9. LOL…Can you tell I’m a former Dungeon Master?

  10. 1. Board up lower windows and doors.
    2. After completing no 1. stash the hammer and crowbar for use tearing down the barricades when you are ready to leave.
    3. Station a team member at the top of the stairs with the axe.
    4. Prepare and stage food and beverage could be a long siege.
    %. Search the house for household chemicals that can used for incendiary devices. Also look for nails, glass, ammunition anything that can be placed in the homemade bombs for projectiles.

  11. I forgot about making explosives. I hear dish washing liquid can be mixed with fuel, set on fire and used in such a way, and it sticks to what splashes on. Flaming zombies coming up!

  12. Ok our first five steps would be as follows:
    1. Secure the first floor.
    2. Take inventory of all supplies, possible weapon, first aid, food, water, batteries, flashlights and candles, lighters, etc…and move it all to the 2nd floor.
    3. Make a rope ladder or find an existing one, and demolish the existing stairs.
    4. Assign duties to everyone including a watch schedule.
    5. Organize a list of things needed for long term survival, and plan a scavenger trip.

  13. I don’t see coffee on that list sister dear, or cigarettes for that matter. Not that I’d risk my life to get them, but God help those around us if we don’t have them. LOL

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  15. Demolish the existing stairs. Quality move, Mrs. JG!

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