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Zombie Killing Dream Team

November 9, 2010

Between The Walking Dead series, and finishing up my own zombie book for publication, I’ve got zombies on the brain(s). So I was wondering, if there was a zombie holocaust, who would I want on my side to fight the undead horde. Feel free to play along. You have to be specific, and not just say “a sharpshooter” or something like that. Think survival!

My Zombie Killing Dream Team
1. My daughter Tess aka zombie in the picture above aka Skye in my zombie book. She’s a quick thinker, is good with a sword and was also told the first time she went shooting that with some practice, she could be a sharp shooter. What she lacks in size, she makes up for in the kick ass category.

2. My sister Jeri aka Michelle in my zombie book. She would personally kick the ass of anyone that comes near me. Dead or living. Despite the fact that we tease and diss each other, she’s like my own personal pitbull. She talks loud AND carries a big stick.

3. Wyatt (Support Your Local Gunfighter). He got excellent scores on the firing range and strikes me as the type that can act under pressure. If not, my daughter Tess will whip him into shape. lol

4. My husband aka Ian in my zombie book. Although I’m not sure about his weapon skills, my husband is like the Professor on Gilligan’s Island, a walking dictionary/encyclopedia. We’d be the only survivors with coconut walkie talkies and pedal four wheelers.

SO, who would you pick?



November 9, 2010

These POS should get the death sentence. And I can’t believe all of those people stood by and did nothing while an innocent man was stomped/beat to death. I swear, if they picked off all of the thugs in the world, it would be a much better place.