Happy Monday

November 8, 2010

It’s a glorious fall day here in Southern Alabama. The temperature is currently 63 degrees and now that the weather has figured out what it wants to do, my sinuses have given me a break and I can breathe right. But let me get back to the glorious part, the leaves are starting to change color and are falling, and it reminds me of home, although I know back home it’s a bit colder. It’s supposed to be chilly tonight so I’m thinking about dusting off the old outside fireplace and getting it ready for a fire of major proportions. If my former band mates from back home were here, they’d be drunkenly chanting and dancing around it.



  1. Cool, Windy. Really Windy here in the Mojave Desert today. The lake bed at Edwards was kicking up major dust clouds. The hernia incisions talked to me walking into it. It was at about 50 or so when I stopped by the squadron to let every one know I was doing OK.

  2. Btw, I was touched by the post on your site from Nov. 7th.

  3. Saw that. I found it at SondraK’s place at first. It took a bit to get it into decent presentation.
    And I have a thirteen year head start on him!

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