Zombie Night!

November 7, 2010

Tonight is episode two in the Walking Dead series! Woohoo! If you haven’t seen it yet you’d better tune in early for last weeks episode (airing before episode two). BUT, before that Dexter is on! Makes for a good night of television watching. Now if I can only stay awake. I’ve got a cold and didn’t sleep last night because I couldn’t breathe. I’d better head for the sugar and down a cup of it.



  1. Just watched this week’s episode on TiVo. Too damned suspenseful! I kept saying to myself, “Come on. COME ON!”

    And the axe scene was awesome.

  2. While frustrated at a few scenes, all in all it was a good episode. I thought it was a nice touch (axe scene) when the sheriff took out the man’s wallet and talked about him. I also like Glen (Asian guy), who is now my favorite character.

  3. Agreed. Especially when he kept calling Rick a dumbass.

  4. He was cracking me up. Pretty smart too. If they kill him off I’m going to be severely ticked off.

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