Thought for the day

November 6, 2010

Write in the sand the flaws of your friends.- Pythagoras



  1. Somewhat OT, but I was watching AMC last night and they replayed The Waling Dead from last week and followed it up with . . . 28 Days Later!!!

    Score! Damn, I love that film.

  2. I was watching them too! I love 28 Days Later, and I think if there ever was a “zombie virus” developed, it would be very similar to that. Scary and fascinating.

  3. Such a shame when the dad gets the blood in the eye. Terrible scene.

  4. I know, I feel so bad for the daughter! And him telling her he loves her and then pushes her away. So sad.
    However, I love the part at the beginning when he first goes into the church and says something and that one zombie looks up. Scares the crap out of me every time.

  5. Or when the priest comes running after him, and he knocks him down. Then he realizes, “Oh crap,” and says, “I shouldn’t have done that” right before they all chase him out of the church. Awesome.

  6. Have you seen the sequel to it? I don’t really care for it, but I will say it’s better than most of the crap they put out today.

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