A Heads Up To Our Elected Officials-We the People

November 3, 2010

While I’m very pleased with the election results, let this post serve as a reminder to those who were voted out and those newly elected…
We the people are sick of not being represented. We the people are sick of the various branches of the government overstepping their bounds and dabbling into areas where they weren’t meant to be. We are equally disgusted by dirty politics and the mud slinging. It would be good for those mentioned to remember that if we voted them in, we can vote them out just as easy. It would also be good for them to remember that while special interest groups are fine, the issue of human and constitutional rights falls under the jurisdiction of the Supreme Court, the judicial branch of the government. Not the Presidency or any other group in the enforcement or legislative branch of the government. You see, we can handle defeat against a majority, as long as the process is fair and all voices are heard. But we cannot stand by while elected officials give more attention to their own agendas and special interest groups while what is fair and just sits in the wings waiting to be heard. We the people are tired of footing the bill of for fat, lazy, selfish so called representatives. We want America back.


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