Jack the Ripper

October 22, 2010

So as some of you know, an area of interest of mine is serial killers, and on the top of that list is Jack the Ripper. After having done my senior paper on female serial killers, and asserting a theory (as some before me) that one of the reasons Jack the Ripper may not have been caught, was because Jack the Ripper was a woman. Then I wrote about some interesting items in the coroner’s report for the last victim, and compared it to some recent crimes that women have committed. But lately I’ve been re-thinking that theory, and I’ve been doing some more research. I believe Mary Kelly (the last victim) is the key to solving the Ripper murders. As the Ripper murders progressed, so did the intensity of the attacks and the ritualistic way in which he staged them and various organs. This time I also noticed that his attacks were cyclic, and I suspect (haven’t checked it out yet) that they were at the new moon, and near the full moon, and then on to the new moon again etc. I’m sure others way before me have noticed this, I just realized it heh. Anyway, so I remembered at that time, the Sons of the Golden Dawn were either just forming, or had been formed, and seeing as Aliester Crowley had been a member briefly, decided to do a search on both the Ripper and Crowley, and lo and behold, Crowley had written something on the Ripper murders, and in the article there was talk of a ritual for power that mirrored the Ripper murders (with the exception of the murders making an inverted pentagram). VERY interesting stuff. I’m still researching this, but I’m keeping my eye open for other details that might take me off in a totally new direction. Yep…interesting stuff.


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