October 5, 2010

After a few weeks of having a break from tons of homework, last night we were slammed, AND we found out we have a midterm in two weeks. ::sniff:: Damnit, and of course it’s the week of our Halloween party. I know I shouldn’t gripe, and I should feel lucky that I made it into Grad School. I guess all I’m saying is that this should be one interesting week. ::double sniff::



  1. That completely sucks. Too bad you can’t go all Bewitched, wiggle your nose and make your mid-term scheduled for NEXT week. Hang in there!

  2. It does suck, but I’ll just have to get things done early in order to focus on the party. But the wiggling my nose thing would be cool. I might change a few more things while I was at it though. lol

  3. Yeah, instantly graduate from grad school, buy a new house, cure cancer, and become a millionairess while you have that nose going….LOL.

  4. Yeah, you know, just a few small things. lol

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