Thoughts for today

September 30, 2010

Thought #1.
Today is the anniversary of when I was raped. And even though it was long ago, and I’ve dealt with it to the point of it being another event in my life to learn from, since I’ve remembered it this year I guess I should mark it’s passing with some words. So I’ll just borrow from an old saying, “That which doesn’t kill me, makes me stronger”.

Thought #2.
Today is also my deceased sister’s birthday. I miss her. I love her. But I realize she’s in a much better place than us all, and one day I’ll see her again, when I make it to that much better place.

Thought #3.
Only one week until our annual Halloween Party and I can hardly stand it. We decided to hold it a couple of weeks earlier this year to avoid competing with Homecoming and boy did it ever pay off. So far we have around 25 confirmations with the possibility of 5 or 6 more. I have no idea where we’re going to put everyone, especially since we’re having a full dinner catered (from Mimi’s Cafe), but we’ll think of something. We might have to use multiple rooms for putting tables in. Maybe we could do a different theme with each table?? Anyway, I’m SO excited!



  1. This is late in arriving, but sending you LOTS of and support. Love ya.

  2. posted my comment on the wrong post, I will think good thoughts for you (even though I am a day late).

  3. Thank you Michelle and HB. ::Hug::

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