Zombies and cat terrorized by neighborhood dog!

September 26, 2010

So a neighborhood dog has semi-taken up residence in my Halloween graveyard. He was at first afraid of the cat and the zombies, then he decided to clean the cat and NOW he’s catnapped my cat (had to get him back from the neighbor’s yard). We put the cat by the gargoyle, which the dog was afraid of, but his love of the cat overcame fear and he tried to take it again. NEXT we erected a fence around the zombies and fake animals and the dog came back and jumped back and forth barking at the fence, frustrated at not being able to get to them. This evening I heard barking and I looked out and saw the dog standing across the street, barking and looking longlingly at the cat and zombies. I caught the beginning of the whole debacle before my camera died.


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