House Hunting

September 13, 2010

Yesterday Mr. Dragon and I had fun driving around house hunting. Oh, btw, I’m not sure if I posted this or not, but the house we were under contract to buy was sold out from under us (they paid cash and could do this because of a contingency that was in the contract), so anyway we were driving around and there are a few houses that we’re quite interested in. They’re in the same neighborhood as the other house, and in fact, in much better shape…just more expensive. But I guess it all evens out in the end. If we had bought the other house that needed some major repairs and remodeling, money-wise it would have been the same as getting a more expensive one already fixed up and move-in ready. On the short list is a brick cottage style house that was totally renovated. The one problem I see is that they’ve remodeled most of the architectural details out of it. It looks more modern on the inside. It’s beautiful but I like all that old detailing. However, the yard is two lots, just like the one we live in now, it has a huge garage/outbuilding and has a brick barbecue and firepit in the back. ohhhhh…the plot thickens.
Another one is very similar, only it hasn’t been redone. It’s definitely livable, but just needs a bit of remodeling, and the architectural details are intact. It also boasts a multi-leveled brick patio. In fact, the whole back yard is various levels of brick pavers and retaining walls with black, gas lanterns, AND a side brick courtyard. It also has a circular brick drive way in the front, besides the normal driveway to the side. This house also has a large storage building(about half the size as the house above). However the house is monsterous, which doesn’t necessarily bother me since it’s only two bathrooms (down from four here) to clean, but it is a lot of floor space. A LOT.
There’s also two craftsman style homes nearer our church that are amazing, and have BEAUTIFUL architectural details. One has a pool, but is more expensive. The other one doesn’t have a pool, but is cheaper. ::sigh:: Decisions, decisions.



  1. So, I’m sure you will keep us posted on whatever decisions you guys make. As long as there is a cool yard to decorate for Halloween—that IS the most important aspect to consider, right? LOL.

  2. It’s funny because I DO think about that when I’m house hunting. LOL You know me well. 🙂

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