September 2, 2010

I woke up with a killer headache today. I think I slept on my neck wrong because it’s all stiff and popping when I move it. ughhh What I need is to do some dancing. That’ll straighten it right up. heh
I’ve been keeping my eye on Hurricane Earl, and the rest of the activity in the Atlantic. Good Lord, there’s storm systems popping up everywhere. I just hope those people on the east coast evacuate like they’re supposed to, because this storm ( a category 4 so far) looks like a monster. And to all of my blogging friends on the east coast…stay safe!! Remember, you can always replace objects, but not people.
BTW…if anyone of you regulars here have a facebook page, please send a friend request (just let me know who you are first so I don’t deny the request) so I can add you there.


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