Dexter, zombies, and shenanigins.

August 30, 2010

What happened?? I can’t believe Dexter didn’t win an Emmy last night. All I have to say is that the other guy must be pretty amazing if he beat Michael C. Hall as best lead in a drama. Speaking of Dexter, season 5 starts in less than a month now. Woohoo!!

I posted this on my facebook wall and felt that I should post it here. A new zombie series (that’s right a SERIES) will be on AMC starting on Halloween night. Here’s the trailer for it which looks absolutely amazing. UPDATE: The series is called “The Walking Dead”.

Life here at the dragon household has been pretty hectic and weird. Tess is in Michigan, Jessica is moving to another Alabama city, Mr. Dragon and I have property for sale (including the house we live in) so we’ve been house hunting (we lost the old house we were going to buy) and I’m being slammed in homework in grad school. There are days when I feel like saying “fuck it” and just walking away from a few situations, but in the end I always seem to straighten myself back up and get on with it. Life goes on.



  1. Came across this in my local paper and thought I’d share:

  2. WOW, that’s really interesting. Don’t know that I really agree with it, as much as I love the Dexter series. There are a lot of whack jobs out there, and promoting vigilantism is not really a good thing.

  3. I had the same thoughts as you. Not quite sure there should be a Dexter action figure…LOL.

  4. When people find out that I study serial killers, one of their first questions is usually “Who’s your favorite serial killer?” Ughhh I usually say, “I don’t really have a FAVORITE, but I find Jack the Ripper interesting.”

  5. Speaking of serial killers, if I go thesis track, I’ll be writing it about them, in one form or another.

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