We made an offer!!

July 10, 2010

We made an offer on this house by our church. It needs some work, but when we’re finished it should be awesome. Please pray for us.



  1. I see the wheelchair ramp is already in place!

  2. No, the ramp is for when I break your legs when you visit. lol

  3. COOL!

    Put a headpress in the spare bedroom and it’ll be just like home!

  4. Good luck! She’s a beaut!

  5. […] people should realize that zombies are not a joke. They are a deadly serious […]

  6. Dragon—congrats! (Almost)…Dragon and Fester sparring…LOL.

    Seen THIS? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38178388/ns/local_news-portland_or?Gt1=43001

  7. Fester, headpress is in place. lol
    Wyatt, thank you!
    Michelle, too funny! It’s a good thing none of them were knocked unconscious and carried to the morgue.

  8. Should I bring my hammer and chop saw?

  9. Certainly! And we’d appreciate it if you’d stand in the corner with a light bulb in your mouth until we buy more lamps. lol

  10. LOL! Ok, THAT was a great one,Dragon! 🙂

  11. No problem, but I only do incandescents. Fluorescents and CFL’s don’t get my dentures up to the right temperature.

  12. Michelle, lol I occasionally get the good one in.
    Fester, since you’re energy efficient we’ll let it slide.

  13. Fester, you’re so GREEN! Guess we’ll have to start calling you Kermit from now on…LOL;)

  14. Uncle Kermit. lol

  15. Nah, I scrape the mold off once a week.

  16. They say it’s not easy being green….or moldy for that matter..heh 🙂

  17. True, but the enviroweenies love me.

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