A Touching Moment With My Brother-in-law

June 7, 2010

The moment took place one night while playing cards at my sister’s house. Seated to my left was my brother-in-law. On this particular evening I happened to look over and I said, “Joe, your crotch is on fire”, to which he replied, “That’s right baby” and I said, “NO, Joe you’re on fire!!” At this he glanced down and realized a hot ash had ignited his pants.



  1. nice post, like the site.

    -Mike, http://somebodyhadtosayit.com

  2. Why thank you.

  3. How did the fire get put out?

  4. 🙂 He patted it out.

  5. Gives new meaning to the term “Hot Nuts”, doesn’t it? Glad Joe is ok, but that is definitely a FUNNY story.

  6. Michelle???? Holy shit, where have you been??? You disappeared off of the face of the earth! ::Hug::hug::hug:: How the hell have you been? I just graduated last month…woohoo!

  7. Hey Chica! Just got out of the witness protection program. LOL. Only kidding. My stupid Palm Pilot with all my info (including your site address, address, phone #, etc.) crashed and burned and I lost the ability to get a hold of you. So, I finally did a search yesterday, and found you! I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACCCKK. 😉

    Congratulations on graduating! That is SO awesome! What’s next?

  8. Good, I’m glad it wasn’t anything bad,and that you found me again! 🙂
    Let’s see, what’s happening… I’m getting ready to apply for a kind of teaching job and entering grad school this fall, Tess moved to Michigan and I’m a grandmother. 🙂

  9. Me too! 🙂

    So, in other words, nothing new? LOL. I remembered that Jess was getting ready to have a baby. Congratulations! Too young to be an “official” grandmother tho. Tess is in my neck of the woods? YAY! If she needs anything, let me know. Email me when you get a chance and we can catch up that way.

    Oh, be sure and tell Goldbloom I said hi and ask her “Who shot JR?” (I always think she resembles Sue Ellen on Dallas…)

  10. Thank you for the congrats, and yeah, I do feel too young to be a grandmother, but I’ll take it. 🙂
    I’ll pass on the word to Tess. I’ll also tell her if she needs a kick in the ass that I can send you there to do it. lol

  11. Anybody up for some blonde jokes?

  12. LOL Fester! You sure you want to start that up again, she’ll probably kick your butt.

  13. I dunno, I’ve got a lot of blonde jokes. You’re probably right though, it really isn’t fair to beat on an unarmed lady.

  14. For Fester: The Sunday School teacher asked if any of the children’s parents had quoted from the Bible in the past week. Little Timmy paused, but then spoke up, “My daddy doesn’t have any hair on his head. Daddy says that God put hair on everything that he was ashamed of.”

  15. LOL

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