A rant (and isn’t it about time?)

April 14, 2010

People are really pissing me off today. From pushy men who think it’s a sport to intimidate women, to obnoxious posters who believe the world has the right to their opinion, even if it’s on a site that doesn’t belong to them. I visited TWO sites today where people just didn’t get it (facebook of course), why befriend someone just to cut them down or make a nuisance of yourself?? It’s like going into a gardening chat room and typing WEEDS! It’s stupid and pointless. As for the pushy men part, I hate pushy men, especially if they happen to be dealing with my daughter. In fact, it’s a good way to get your ass kicked BY A WOMAN. Got it? Good.



  1. Darn right! 🙂 Game Stop’s hiring again…think I told you already but you bet your butt I’m going to bug them for a job 😀 Wish me luck! lol Reply to me on Facebook because I’ll never remember to check on here. You know how I am haha

  2. Rant. Good Thing. When required. Do it all the time.

  3. Boomer, will do!

    Glenn, I feel all better now. lol

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