I’ve Fallen and I…

April 9, 2010

Yesterday morning, as my status on facebook, I put the following, ” Some people are like Slinkies … not really good for anything, but you can’t help smiling when you see one tumble down the stairs”, to which Tess replied, “Have a nice trip!” Last night I fell and sprained my ankle. I shit you not. After getting back from wal-mart, Mr. Dragon asked me to help him take the trash to the curb, so with my purse and a wal-mart bag in one hand, I was attempting to drag this heavy box down our hill with the other…in my clogs..and I stepped on a sweet gum seed(??). This made my clogs wobble and I fell, snapping my ankle sideways, and landing on my hip and elbow on the concrete, AND the big ass box I was carrying fell on top of me. My first words (unfortunately) were to blurt out an obscenity, quickly followed by a prayer that my ankle would not be broken. And the night just kept getting better from there. On the way to the hospital, I decided to have a quick cigarette because I didn’t know how long I’d be in there. That’s when I discovered that when I fell, I had fallen on my purse and mangled my cigarettes. Screw it, I smoked one anyway…after straightening it out and pushing some tobacco back in it wasn’t too bad. After my trip to the emergency room, where they kept trying to look at the wrong ankle (spoken to a nurse, “I can go back and fall down my driveway again if you want, maybe I’ll get the left one this time”) and tried to give me a tetanus shot, I finally made it back home, only to discover that the crutches that the pharmacy had given me were too big. Mr. Dragon called them and told the they had given me the wrong size, he had specifically told them when he was there that I was 5’6”. They said it was the only size they had left. So the bastards sold me crutches they knew I couldn’t use because???? I was supposed to use the crutches for three days. bastards At the hospital I was given a liquid gel brace, and since it felt good I slept with it on. When I got up this morning I could tell something was wrong, and when I checked, for some reason the friggin’ gel part of it triggered my adhesive allergy and I had raw skin and blisters where it had been snug. SO I wrapped my foot and ankle in stretch gauze then put my brace back on and headed to classes…looking like Boris Karloff in the Mummy, dragging my foot around. I was never so happy to make it home as I was today. And I’ll never post about people falling down the stairs again.



  1. Okay this is corny, but here goes: What sound does a limping turkey make? Wobble wobble! LOL I told you it was corny.

  2. boooo!

  3. Oh, that sucks. I have been in a boot for the last two weeks with a stress fracture to my foot. Didn’t post it on the blog because I’m keeping it on the down-low from work. Hurts like Hell, though.

  4. Geez, Drags! My sympathies as I’ve done that same thing with the falling. It hurts bad. I hope they gave you meds. Walk slowly and carry a big crutch.

  5. Wyatt, I’m sorry to hear about your situation too. IT does suck, walking around like you’re eighty years old. And thanks for the sympathy.

    Kim, they gave me a lortab (sp?) at the hospital, after that I’ve just been taking aleve, which seems to be working pretty good. Today I just took the brace off and wrappings and I’ve been walking around without anything and other than it aching like a toothache occasionally, it’s been okay if I take it slow. And thank you for they sympathy.

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