February 11, 2010

Well it looks like we’re going to be getting that snow after all, and I for one am very excited.  I’ve been like a little kid all day, waiting for it to start.  All classes, for all schools, have been canceled for tomorrow and since I haven’t heard from my professor about the autopsy, I’m guessing that’s out too.  And that’s good.  I have no desire to set out on a road trip in the middle of a snow storm and end up as the “body on the table” for my fellow LAE members to observe.  I know what you’re thinking, why so cautious over 3-4 inches of snow??  The reason why is that there is no salt to put on the roads here, and even if we did have salt, there are no trucks to distribute it.  Not to mention that most people here don’t know how to drive in the snow, and I’d just rather not be out in it…if you know what I mean.  So I’m just going to wait until enough accumulates so that I can build one of those evil snowmen like in the Calvin and Hobbes cartoons.  wuhahaha


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