New Developments

February 6, 2010

So I was talking to one of my CJ professors the other day and it looks like when I enter graduate school there’s a good possibility that I can teach a bit (I have to have 18 credit hours of graduate level CJ classes first) while I’m earning my Masters degree.  However, the REALLY cool thing is that since I’ll be going on for a doctorate, AND I plan on teaching, my professor says that next spring I can help teach a class for independent study.  The class is on Criminal Profiling, and he said my part would be to teach about serial killers.  Now, regular readers of my blog know how much this means to me, since I’ve been studying the subject of serial killers on my own for a very long time.  I mean, how perfect is that??  I’m stoked!  Do they say “stoked” anymore?  Who cares, I am!

The other new development is that Friday, depending on certain situations which you’ll understand in a moment, I’ll be touring a forensic lab and attending an autopsy with LAE.  Of course if there’s no fatality, that will have to wait until later.   I’m pretty sure I won’t get sick.  I remember when we rescued Rusty (now our dog), he was skinny as a rail and had a chain embedded into his neck so far that he had dead skin hanging off all around it.  It smelled to high heaven and when he was operated on, I stood right by him and held his paw through it.  I figure if I could stand that and the smell, I could handle an autopsy.  Maybe.  I’m taking Vicks with me just to be safe.  Hey, I saw Silence of the Lambs!

Yet another development is that Tess is moving out and heading up North (Michigan to be exact)  to pursue a career in Culinary Arts.  And although I’m gong to miss her terribly, and our late night talks and giggle fests, I know it’s time to let go and let her become an adult and make a life of her own.  God, I love that kid.

And last but not least, in case you’ve been hiding under a rock, or in a drunken stupor, the Super Bowl is tomorrow!!  Woohoo!  And being from Indiana I’m naturally cheering on the Colts.  If you’re a really old time reader of my blog, you’ll remember that the last time the Colts played the Super Bowl, I live blogged it.  I’m tempted to do it again, and show off my new knowledge of football.  Sort of.  At least I now know that the numbers on the sidelines don’t add to the score.  lol  Anyway, we’ll have to see if I have enough energy to live blog it after celebrating with some beer.  But just in case I do celebrate too much and still try to live blog it, take everything I say with a grain of salt, and PLEASE don’t hold it against me.  heh


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